7 Small Dog Breeds with Adorable Pointy Ears

Meet the tiny Chihuahua, a pint-sized package with big, pointy ears. These little dogs are a favorite among small breed enthusiasts.


Papillons, named for their butterfly-like ears, are both dainty and playful. These small dogs make a big impact with their elegant ears.


The Italian Greyhound combines grace and speed with distinct pointy ears. The unique charm of this slender and elegant small breed.

Italian Greyhound

Shiba Inus may be small, but their pointy ears give them a bold look. The endearing qualities of this spirited and charming breed.

Shiba Inu

French Bulldogs are not just cute; their bat-like ears add to their charm. These small, stocky dogs are loved for their distinctive appearance.

French Bulldog

Jack Russells are small, energetic, and boast perky ears. These spirited dogs are a popular choice for those seeking a lively companion.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Dachshund's elongated body is complemented by its distinctive pointy ears. These small dogs are both iconic and adorable.


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