Older Dog Potty Training Success Strategies

Establish a consistent routine for feeding, walks, and bathroom breaks. Predictability aids in successful training.

Consistency Matters

Reward desired behavior with treats and praise. Positive reinforcement creates a positive association with potty time.

Positive Reinforcement

Create a specific spot for your dog to relieve itself. Consistency in the designated area reinforces good habits.

Designated Potty Area

Keep a close eye on your dog indoors. Supervision helps catch and correct accidents promptly.

Close Supervision

To interpret your dog's signals. Recognizing signs of needing to go potty is crucial for timely training.

Understanding Signals

Older dogs may take time to adapt. Be patient, stay positive, and encourage progress with each success.

Patience and Encouragement

Rule out medical issues with a vet check-up. Health concerns could contribute to potty training challenges.

Vet Check-Up

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