Top 7 Asian Dog Breeds

Japan's iconic breed. Shiba Inu is spirited, intelligent, and known for its fox-like appearance.

Shiba Inu

Majestic and powerful, the Akita is a Japanese breed with a noble history and devoted temperament.


Asian breeds often have unique grooming needs. Learn tips to keep your furry friend well-maintained.

Grooming Tips

Elegant and hairless, the Chinese Crested is a charming companion with a friendly disposition.

Chinese Crested

Meet the independent and resilient Indian Pariah Dog, known for its adaptability and loyalty.

Indian Pariah Dog

The Jindo, a Korean treasure, is intelligent, loyal, and renowned for its hunting abilities.

Korean Jindo

The rare and unique Thai Ridgeback, prized for its distinctive ridge of hair along its back.

Thai Ridgeback

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