Top 7 Stinkiest Dog Breeds

Labs are lovable, but their love comes with a scent. Learn why Labradors make the list of stinkiest dog breeds.


Those long ears may be cute, but they trap scents! Explore why Basset Hounds are known for their distinctive odor.

Basset Hounds

Despite their wrinkled faces, Bulldogs have more than charm—they have a unique smell. Uncover the reasons behind their distinctive odor.


Wrinkles may be a Shar Pei's signature, but they also harbor a certain aroma. Discover the scent secrets of this distinctive breed.

Shar Peis

With a keen sense of smell, Bloodhounds track scents effortlessly. Unfortunately, they may carry some scents of their own.


These charming spaniels may have a beautiful coat, but it requires extra care. Delve into why Cocker Spaniels can be among the more fragrant dog breeds.

Cocker Spaniels

Dachshunds are small but mighty when it comes to leaving an impression—olfactory, that is. Explore why these little dogs can pack a smelly punch.


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